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5 Things I help my audience with

Holy shit.

I did it.

I finally started a blog…and henceforth…it shall be awesome.

And it shall be known as Rainbow Glow!

Hi, have we met? I’m Allison! I’m a mindset coach, soul-centered productivity strategist, and divinator.

I want to help my audience ditch the “Go! Go! Go” mentality.

Sharing my enthusiasm for a more holistic approach to productivity that’s more soul-centered is my biggest mission for starting my blog.

These are the 5 things I help my audience with:

  • Share all sorts of tips that make the idea of soul-centered productivity fun and something you’ll want to try out for yourself!

  • Recommend various tools and resources I’ve found most helpful during my soul-centered productivity journey.

  • Helping solopreneurs feel confident about nourishing themselves first is an investment in their own business.

  • Write a weekly blog post to help serve as a community for other solopreneurs who may be struggling with the loneliness that comes along with working for themselves.

  • Eventually, I’d love to become a speaker on the negative effects of hustle culture and an advocate of sustainable, soul-centered productivity.

I’m excited to have the platform to share this with you! Check back here every Thursday for new posts!!



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