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Laser Beam Lite
Email Coaching

1:1 coaching, but make it email!

In laser beam lite you get this 5' anime nerd of a coach at your fingertips for a whole-ass month plus 1 complimentary 6-card tarot reading at the end of our time together!


I see you over there, friend! 

You want 1:1 coaching, but HOLY SHIT, does it cost you an arm, a leg, and sometimes maybe even your first born child.


And let's be honest...that sucks sweaty toes (ew...)


But you don't have to do any of that, my cuddly pangolin! You can have access to an amazing coach, and personal guidance, and the who strawberry pie (pie > cake), and eat it too! 


I know because it's my favorite thing to do EVERY! DAY! *Nacho Libre voice*

Enter: Laser Beam Lite  

30 days of 1:1 coaching done ONLY through email!

Laser Beam Lite is perfect for anyone curious about working with me but isn't ready to commit to a 3-month long program.


It's the result of my own experience with financial limitations but still want to benefit from coaching. 

But! with email coaching, you'll get benefits like:

  • not having to book any appointments! You get to reply whenever you want to!

  • Waaaay more affordable option than private zoom coaching.

  • ideal if you identify as introverted and hate being on camera or are hearing impaired.


Things that are cool about Laser Beam Lite:

  • you're in charge! whatever question is top of mind for you that day, just ask!

  • personalized responses within 24 hours

  • up to 4 email responses per week (Mon-Thurs)

  • can literally be done anywhere in the world


Even more cool things about Laser Beam Lite:

  • personalized journaling questions

  • reading recommendations

  • complimentary 6-card tarot reading on a question of your choice at the end of our 30 days together *rules apply*

  • Loving support and ongoing encouragement

Imagine waking up...or going to bed (depending on where you are in the world) to personalized responses from yours truly to whatever queries are on your mind!


to ensure I'm able to provide​ the best service I can to all my clients, email and 3-monthers alike, I only take a small amount of email coaching clients a month. Sign up today to make sure you're one of them!



Say yes to yourself!

Sign up today!!

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Laser Beam Lite:
30 Days of Email Coaching



*all payments are non-refundable. Be committed to yourself and the process.


In the words of RuPaul: "you betta werrk!"

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