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You and Me. 

I know you...

you're burnt out, drained, busy but never really getting anything done.

Let me be the one to say it:​

  • Fuck hustle culture.

  • fuck that fear of missing out

  • fuck showing up 24/7 

  • fuck the spite that's been secretly driving you


it's time to say yes to:

  • your needs

  • your emotions

  • your dreams

  • your energy

  • your flow 


Hiii! i'm allison...have we met?? I help creative solopreneurs throw out the bullshit idea that hustling 24/7 and teetering on burnout = success and help them discover that when they prioritize themself over their business, it's not only healthier, but they end up becoming so much more productive on their own terms.

Through my daily journaling practice and reflection, I've gone from burnt out, easily distracted, and unsure to bold, flexible, and most importantly...rested.


How It All Began...

When I realized that none of us have more than 24 hours in a day and that everything comes down to the way that I manage myself and my energy was a big eye opener for me!

I learned that when I slowed down, I was able to find a more soul-centered productivity flow that makes me enjoy my life so, so, so much more than I did when I was showing up all day, every day.


Hi. Me. Again. 

I'm a mindset coach, soul-centered productivity strategist, and divinator living in sunny Southern California.

Bringing together the Spiritual and the tangible to help empower my clients to make gargantuan changes in their lives while honoring the essence of their souls is what I just plain ol' love to do!



Before I got my shit together...

I bought into the hustle culture mentality. But when I started feeling hate and resentment towards myself and my business, I knew something needed to change; working off of less than 5 hours of sleep was affecting not only my mental and emotional well-being it was affecting the way I showed up for my family...which was not present. 


I want you to know that you aren't alone. My painful experiences, life lessons, and obstacles I've overcome are stories I'll happily share with you as a wiser and ever-evolving solopreneur and coach. Throughout my life and career I've constantly checked in with myself, reinvented myself, and built myself into the creative weirdo I am today...which is always an ongoing process. 


When you take an introspective and soul-centered approach to your life and business, you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and learn to harness the flow of your own unique productivity process.


"The quality of your work tends to match the quality of your being."
- George Kao

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Get to know me with 6 random facts:

  • Anime/ Manga nerd

  • Mythology geek

  • I love antiquing for vintage hard-cover books (the oldest one I have to date was gifted in 1900)

  • Knitted sweater, cardigan, and blanket enthusiast

  • Pie > Cake

  • Forever swear bear

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